Pumpkin Seed Milk and Cookies

Pumpkin Seed milk is by far may favorite choice in milks. Nut and seed milks are so easy to make yourself!

Things you will need:

Nut milk seed bag

Blender (preferably a Vita Mix)


1 cup of Pumpkin Seeds

3 Dates

1 tsp Vanilla


1. Soak 1 cup on pumpkin seeds overnight or for at least 12 hours

2. Rinse and Drain the seeds in a strainer

3. Put the soaked seeds, dates, and vanilla in your Vita Mix and add 3 cups of water and blend for at least 5 minutes on high so that the seeds are well broken down.

4. Strain the contents through your nut milk bag into a bowl and press very firmly. This can take a while (at least 10 minutes) to work all of the liquid out. (You should feel some burn in your forearms) The remaining ingredients in the nut milk bag should be very dry. 

Be sure to place the seed milk in the fridge and you might have to shake it before drinking. I think this milk tastes better after being chilled. It is really refreshing. Yummy! Dip you Alpendough cookies in it for a special treat!