Alpendough provides an opportunity for consumers to choose products that positively influence the world environmentally and ethically, while providing individuals who make educated food decisions and those with dietary restrictions to experience the joy and flavor of the best cookie dough, ever. 

Whether your a child or an adult nobody should be denied the simple pleasures of life. We created a great treat because everybody deserves to be happy. Often times our friends or our children's friends are left out because we simply don't how to accommodate their dietary restrictions. Whether it is an allergy or a choice you can save the extra work because we have created just the thing for you. Everybody will agree that our allergen free vegan cookie dough is great by any standard.

We believe whole heartedly that we should never have to compromise. That is why we painstakingly source all of our ingredients responsibly and why you'll never find additives in our product. This means that flavor should never be compromised either. Making allergen free and vegan cookie dough doesn't mean that we are exempt from good taste and texture. Once you try our product you will see that our years of industry experience has allowed us to create a phenomenal product by any standard.